November 29/30, 2013

Friday November 29 Schedule: 9PM Recess Coffee- RAS Digital Hi Fi & Ababa Hi Fi

Saturday November 30 Schedule: 2:30PM Petit Library- Twin Magicians (Kids show)
6PM Picasso’s Pastries- Dick Ford & Co.
7PM Mello Velo Cafe- Hanna Richardson & Friends
8PM Mello Velo Cafe- Jackie Warren Moore
8PM Las Delicias- Etse “Brown” Nyadedzor
8PM Westcott Community Center- High On Dracula, Mandate Of Heaven, Hooker, The Nudes
9PM Recess Coffee- Larry Hoyt

Westcott Area Art Displays:
Beer Belly Deli- Julia Grosso (Mixed Media)
Petit Branch Library- Sharon Bottle Souva (Quilting Retrospective)
WCC Art Gallery- Frank Calidonna (Photography)
Recess Coffee- Tom Ward (Painting)
Alto Cinco- Jaime Crouse