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We fund creative projects that help make the Westcott Neighborhood a great place to live, work, and socialize.

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A New Mural, Middle Eastern Dreams

A New Mural, Middle Eastern Dreams

In June 2020 and while people were staying at home, visual artist Nada Odeh designed and created lots of color to the wall on the south end of the Munjed’s building. In July 2020! The mural progress was an attractive action in the neighborhood, engaging different...

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Westcott Street Cultural Fair

Held annually since 1992, the  Westcott Street Cultural Fair celebrates the rich culture and community of the Westcott Neighborhood. 

Proposals for Funding

The WACC offers grant funding for art/music/cultural projects that fall within our mission, and are located in the WACC funding area. You can submit a request for funding at any time.

Because all neighborhoods should have support for arts and culture