Westcott Winter Weekend

Art + Music Along Westcott Street

The Westcott Winter Weekend was an annual event begun in 2011 to bring the neighborhood together and provide activities during our long winter months. The event was held from 2011 through 2015. The event holds activities in public buildings and inside the neighborhood businesses. Children’s performances also take place during the day. Through the weekend, visual artists display their art at various indoor sites. Activities are quite diverse including talks by authors & illustrators, magic shows, talks by photographers and many musical performances.

The mission of the Westcott winter Weekend was to promote a strong sense of community among the diverse people who live and work in the Westcott neighborhood and to increase awareness of the attractiveness and viability of Westcott as a great place to work, shop, socialize and play.

The Westcott Winter Weekend was held Thanksgiving weekend in the Westcott Street Business District. There were wonderful varieties of performances in restaurants and shops throughout the business district, as well as at the Westcott Community Center. Each year there was a magic performance for children at the Petit Branch Library. The weekend featured displays of art at several businesses. Throughout the day, businesses in the business district held special sales and coupons to draw people in for Small Business Saturday. WNA, the Westcott Neighborhood Association collaborated on the weekend as well.  The event was free of charge and supported by a grant from CNYArts.